National Office Bearers of Growth, Development, Behavioural Pediatrics Academy
Advisor Dr Dilip Mukherjee
Dr MKC Nair
Dr K N Agarwal
Dr Ksh Chourjit Singh
Dr Madhuri Kulkarni
Dr S N Parida
Dr Jaydeb Ray
Chairperson Dr Ashok Rai
Immediate Past Chairperson Dr Sukanta Chatterjee
Vice Chairperson Dr Monidipa Bannerjee
Dr Anjana Thadhani
Secretary Dr Jaydeep Choudhury
Immediate Past Secretary Dr Anjana Thadhani
Treasurer Dr Monika Sharma
Jt. Secretary Dr Jaya Shiwalkar
Dr Anurag Katiyar
Editor-in-Chief Dr Jaydeep Choudhury
Executive Members
East Zone
Dr Sandip Samanta
West Zone Dr Amola Patel
Central Zone Dr Ajay Srivastava
South Zone Dr Nitesh Agarwal
North Zone Dr Priyanka Jain
Co-opted Members
All Central EB members - If member of the Chapter Dr Ranjana Chatterjee
Dr Shabina Ahmed Dr Anju Sett
Dr Zafar Meenai  
Ex-officio Members
Dr Santosh Soans
President, CIAP
Dr Remesh Kumar
Honorary Secretary General, CIAP
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